Health & Efficiency

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Dr. Lakra

The series of works that make up this book originated in a group of magazines about nudist camps that Dr. Lakra bought in the Sunday market on Brick Lane in London. He comments: "I bought the magazines at the Brick Lane market all at once. There were about twenty of them and cost me five pounds, or something like that. Extremely cheap. It was raining that day and they were wet." Cloaked in appreciation for nudist values, the upbeat tone of these soft-core magazines is despoiled by his cast of devilish characters and surrealist fantasy. Health and Efficiency (the name of the magazine that the source material was gotten from) gathers 41 of Lakra's guilty pleasures and although it invites reading in one sitting, it is better in small doses. Lakra draws silhouettes onto the magazines in India ink and then scratches them with tattooing needles. Some of the tattoos are created with the same ink but in diluted form; others with pencil, vinyl, or white wash.

Published in 2009 by Editorial RM
7¼ x 9½, Hardcover and velvet-bound
88 pages, black and white and sepia images.