In the Shadows - The People's History of NYC Underground Tattooing

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Clayton Patterson
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Clayton Patterson and his wife Elsa began to document illegal, underground New York City tattooing during the mid-1980s. “In the Shadows- The People’s History of New York City Underground Tattooing” is the record of their important effort. The practice of tattooing in New York City was made illegal in October 1961 because of alleged health considerations. Tattooing did not disappear in the city and fpor 36 years until the re-legalization of tattooing in the city in 1997, the practice was driven underground. 

This book documents several noteworthy underground New York City tattoo shop settings that played the odds there would be little if any consequence to tattooing illegally. The book features articles and photographs by Ed Hardy, Nick Schonberger, Eddy Portnoy, Carmen Nyssen,  Michael McCabe, and much more.

Published in 2023 by Tribal Publishing
8.5 x 11, Soft Covered
600 Pages

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