Japanese Tattoo Paint Roll - 6 Dice Set- SOLD OUT!

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Tattoo Paint Roll

The Japanese Dice Set is the perfect way for every tattooist/artist to complete their collection, stay productive and keep those creative ideas going. There are no set rules for these dice; you make your own! Each die has 6 sides which is numbered along with a word or picture to guide your creations. Throwing all 5 dice will result in endless possibilities! 

Brown Dice: 1-Snake, 2-Koi, 3-Kitsune, 4-Foo Dog, 5-Kirin, 6-Octopus Image
Sea Foam: 1-Yokai, 2-Geisha, 3-Oni, 4-Noh Mask, 5-Hero, 6-Mask Image
Gray Dice: 1-Combo Roll 2x, 2-Wind, 3-Fire, 4-Lightning, 5-Rocks, 6-Waves Image
Green Dice: 1-Blossoms, 2-Peony, 3-Lotus, 4-Mum, 5-Bamboo, 6-Leaf Image
Pink Dice: 1-Dragon, 2-Tiger, 3-Hawk, 4-Phoenix, 5-Kappa, 6-Skull Image
Red Dice: 1-Drum, 2-Sword, 3-Kite, 4-Fan, 5-Ghost, 6-Samurai Image

Set Includes: 6 Dice, Dice Pouch, 3 Stickers, 1 Tattoo Paint Roll Pin, 1 Patch and Tattoo Paint Roll Information Card.

Dice size is approximately 625"x.625" square.