Norwegian Sailor Tattoos

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Tor Ola Svennevig, Marit SunnanĂ¥ Aalrust, Elin Hansson

Thousands of Norwegians went to sea during the golden age of Norwegian shipping. Many returned with tattoos that marked their belonging and testified to travels around the world. In this richly illustrated book, sailors talk about tattoos and exotic experiences. Included is an introduction to the post-war seafaring life, by the curator of the Maritime Museum, Elisabeth S. Koren.   The preface is written by Jon Michelet, who tells why he really wanted to get a tattoo, but never did.

"Not only is this book a joy to browse through, the pictures are fantastic, but there is also a lot of exciting reading, especially the sailors' own stories."


Text is in English and Norwegian
Published in 2013 and republished in 2017 by Magikon Forlag
10 x 8 Hardcover
303 pages