Paint Roll Dice - Set of 3

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Tattoo Paint Roll
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 A  fun and creative way for any tattooist or artist to get the creative juices flowing or just have fun! There are no set rules for these dice. You make your own rules. This set includes 3 dice. 

 Style:This cream colored .625” Style die features six different tattoo/drawing styles: Fine Line, Realism, Black Work, Neo Traditional, Traditional and Wild Style. 

Placement:  This blue 1" Placement die features 12 sides with 12 body areas shown for placement: Arm Band, Foot, Butt, Full Sleeve, Neck, Full Back, Chest Piece, Lower Leg, Hand, Upper Arm, Thigh, and Head. 

Halloween: This orange .750" Halloween die features six Halloween themes: Spider, Pumpkin, Bat, Witch, Cat and Ghost.