“Stoney” St. Clair Rediscovered Flash, Volume 1 (First Pressing)

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Stoney St. Clair

Although Leonard “Stoney” St. Clair’s name is universally known amongst tattoo artists, little of Stoney’s flash has been published or seen. Recently, Columbus Tattooer Joey Knuckles was able to acquire over 30 years of Stoney’s flash and effects. Stoney uniquely wrote the date and location of each painting on the back. Volume 1 contains a practically complete picture of Stoney’s beautifully hand painted flash from 1952-1968, from his time in Biloxi, Mississippi and Tampa, Florida.  Over 600 designs, plus photographs of Stoney's tattoo trunk, stencils, machines as well as personal and tattooed icon photographs from his personal scrapbook.


Published in 2021 by Royal Art Books
12 x 8, Hardcover 
104 pages

Out of Print