The Little Book of Knowledge: Tattoos

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Jerôme Pierrat, Art by Alfred
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The Little Book of Knowledge: Tattoos has everything you could want to know about your favorite subject: tattoos; all wrapped in a convenient and attractive hardcover graphic novel and drawn by a fan who knows the material. This book has an interesting framework: written in graphic novel format it introduces the "rebel", currently residing in a penitentiary, who has been tattooing himself in his cell (spelling mistakes and all) to the warden who has a beautifully executed chest piece.  The warden then gives the "rebel" a short history of tattoos.  David Vandermeulen writes a beautiful Forward referencing Hello Kitty, Ed Hardy and the Passion Through Pain.  

Published in 2017 by IDW Publishing
Hardcover, 76 Pages
5.31 x  8 inches