The Tattoo Historian, Number Two

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Lyle Tuttle
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The Tattoo Historian Number Two, (March 1983) was published by Lyle Tuttle's Tattoo Art Museum and documented the history of the art of tattooing. This is booklet Number Two of Eleven. This issue includes articles about Peter Maivia, Captain Costentenus, Bert Grimm, Tattoo Ole, and more! It  features illustrations, photographs and vintage advertisements. Also included in this package is an original double sided Lyle Tuttle business card from his 839 Columbus Avenue shop in San Francisco. 

Published in1983 by Lyle Tuttle's Tattoo Art Museum
Booklet 5
½ x 8 inches, 
44 pages in black & white
Card is 4 x 2¼ inches

Booklet is new "old" stock