By Appointment Only: Karl Bumpus, Ohio Tattoo Artist

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Adam Shipley, forward by Lenz Family
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The story of Karl Bumpus, stands as a quintessential journey into tattooing history. This book is rich with not only history but also a catalogue of beautifully represented tattoo designs. Step into the captivating world of Karl Bumpus, a pivotal figure in the history of tattooing. Karl's journey began under the guidance of Bert Grimm in St. Louis, where he not only became a canvas for Grimm's tattoos but also learned the basics of tattooing from the master himself. Embracing the life of a tattooed sideshow attraction, Karl traveled the carnival circuit, at the same time honing his craft along the way.

This book delves into his life through personal letters exchanged with  tattoo artists  Bert Grimm, Al Schiefley, and Lyle Tuttle. These letters unveil early tattoo history, shedding light on Karl's connections with influential artists who shaped American tattoo culture. This book features Karl's sixty-page book of hand-painted tattoo designs and his now-iconic travel trunk, offering a raw glimpse into the 1930s carnival circuit. There are 100's of never before seen sheets of tattoo designs by Karl beginning in the mid 1930s and spanning his career into the 1950s. Beyond his role as a tattoo artist, Karl was a blue-collar worker, a devoted family man, a lover of adventure, and By Appointment Only you could get a tattoo. Also includes 1
00’s of newly-discovered designs painted by Karl Bumpus, 50+ illustrations of never-before seen photographs, business cards, and much more!

Published in 2024 by Back House Collection
9 ½” x 11 ½" Hard Cover
164 full-color pages