Cliff Raven Travel Book

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Nick Collela
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 In a 2001 interview Cliff described his trip west this way, ”I made my grand pilgrimage in the late 1960's. I visited Sailor Jerry, Zeke Owens, D.E. Hardy and Don  Nolan. I went back to Chicago just full of ideas. My tattooing started to change.” This book tell the story of that pilgrimage. Thanks to Nick Colella of Great Lakes Tattoo, we have this book that Cliff put together to document the trips he took in 1969 and 1970 to visit tattooers and tattoo shops. The book has pictures of Zeke Owens, Lyle Tuttle, Don Nolan, and Sailor Jerry. Each page has notes in Cliff's own handwriting about the photos and his trip. 

Published in 2021 by Great Lakes Tattoo
8½ x 11, Paperback
36 pages