Memoirs of a Tattooist (Reprint)

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By: George Burchett:
Complied and Edited by Peter Leighton
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This book by George Burchett (which has long been out of print) is an informal record of Burchett's experiences and observations during more than half a century of tattooing in England. He tattooed The Great Omi and his royal clients included King Frederick IX of Denmark and King George V of England. George “Professor” Burchett was arguably the most famous tattoo artist in the UK and Europe throughout the first half of the twentieth century. With a career spanning over fifty years he tattooed everyone from servicemen to royalty, earning himself the title of "King of Tattooists".  Finding an early love for the art of tattooing he was expelled from school at age 12 for tattooing his classmates and joined the Royal Navy at age 13. He developed his tattooing skills while traveling overseas in the Navy. There are scores of anecdotes and stories contained in this book-- stories of curious situations in which the "King of Tattooists" found himself.  He continued tattooing until his death in 1953 at the age of 80.

Republished in 2022 by Chosho Publishing
5½ x 8½, Paperback
256 pages