Sailor Jerry Sketchbook Vol. 5, Pin-Ups

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Kandi Everett

The pin up line drawings in this volume are from the Sailor Jerry (Norman Keith Collins (1911-1973) Collection and were rendered by Kandi Everett. Kandi worked with Mike Malone who purchased Sailor Jerry's entire collection of artwork and tattoo shop contents from Jerry's widow after Jerry's death in 1973.
Sailor Jerry is well known for his pinups and his style seems to be derived from exchanges of letters and instruction from other excellent tattooists/artists of this time, including Pinky Yun and Brooklyn Joe Lieber.
This sketchbook includes an introduction by Kandi Everett, and a copy of Michael Malone's Obituary as originally published in the New York Times on April 30, 2007. 

Reprinted in 2011 by Tattoo Archive 
Black line drawings, 42 pages 
8½ x 11, Spiral bound