Smilin' Buddha Tattoo A 25 Year History

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Paul Jeffries
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For anyone who has ever thought of getting a tattoo, Smilin' Buddha Tattoo in Calgary is the first place that comes to mind. Owner and operator Paul Jeffries has been creating breathtaking and lasting images on skin for 25 years. Smilin' Buddha Tattoo, A 25 Year History is a combination of anecdotes from his travels far and wide and nods to those that influenced his career. The book also contains colorful photo sections with his work from the early eighties to the present. Tattoo knowledge is not a necessity to appreciate Jeffries' easy going and casual writing style. This wonderful book is a must have for any tattoo enthusiast or anyone with a general interest in art. "It's been a heck of ride," says Jeffries. "Tattooing has allowed me to travel the globe and meet countless fascinating people." 

Published in 2005 by Smilin' Buddha Publications 
8½ x 11, Hardcover 
95 pages
All books are signed by Paul