Tattoo (Exhibition Catalogue)

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Anne & Julien
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The practice of tattooing has an extensive primitive history in Asian and African countries, where it had social, religious and mystical roles.

Tattoo is currently on exhibition at the Musée du Quai, Branly, in Paris, France (May 2014 through October 2015.) This exhibition explores the world of tattooing and offers a unique approach to this ancestral practice, presenting historical and contemporary works from a variety of countries.

The catalogue for this exhibition, Tattoo, includes tattooing from the Street, the Army, the Jail, the Sideshow, Travelling Tattooers and more. Also represented is tattooing in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia and articles and interviews from Alan Governor, Karl Marc , Michael McCabe, plus lots more.

Published in 2014 by Musée du Quai Branly/Actes Sud
10 x 8, Hardcover 
Color, 303 pages