Tattoo Mystique: The Art and World of Angelique Houtkamp

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Angelique Houtkamp
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Tattoo Mystique is the breathtaking follow-up to Tattoo Darling, a book celebrated for bringing the tattoo aesthetic, nostalgia, and magical vision together through the art and personality of Dutch artist Angelique Houtkamp. Angelique has built a deserved reputation as an artist and tattooist with a distinctive style, an enchanting visual language, and a fresh vision of history that has attracted sparkling fanfare and followers internationally. Aspects of Victoriana sit alongside stylish Flappers; flamboyant Harlequins look death in the face; South Sea beauties juxtapose with glimmering Hollywood sirens; cake-popping lovelies nest by half-woman/ half-animal creatures -- all in a crisp, boldly outlined style that references traditional tattoo flash with a feminine touch. This second volume documents a whole new collection of artworks, glimpses into Angelique's personal collection, marvelous photographs of Angelique presenting the charms of her hometown Amsterdam, an introduction by internationally renown artist Mike Giant, and a comprehensive interview with Angelique. Tattoo Mystique takes us on an entrancing spin through the dreamy streets, dark alleyways, romantic boudoirs and mysterious coffee shoppes of Angelique's world of mystique. 

Published in 2009 by Outré Gallery Press 
9 x 7½, Softcover 
Color, 80 pages