Tattoo Paint Roll - Friday the 13th Combo Dice Set

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Paint Roll
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A perfect new way to create Friday the 13th tattoo combinations. This set includes 2 new dice that correspond to a custom 18x24” flash sheet with designs to choose from. Roll a 3 on your dice? Pick from the designs labeled #3 on the flash sheet. Want to up the game even further? Each set comes with a custom 1.5” double sided flipping coin. Take the gamble and pay either $13 or $130 for your new tattoo! Dice features the following:

“13” Black Dice: 1-Skull & Crossbones, 2-Spider, 3-Black Cat, 4-Devil, 5-Eye, 6-“13” Image
“7” Green Dice: 1-Horse Shoe, 2-Rabbits Foot, 3-Lucky Cat, 4-Wish Bone, 5-Clover, 6-“7” Image

The complete set includes 2 Dice, Dice Pouch,  1.5” Gold Flipping Coin, Gravestone Patch, and Plague Doctor Sticker. 

Dice size is approximately .625"x.625" square
Flash Sheet Size: 18x24”
Coin size: 1.5” Round
Patch size is approximately  2.5x4”
Sticker size approx.: 3x3”