“Coleccion de fanzines Tinta y Sangre” (collection of fanzines)

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Tinta y Sangre
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“Coleccion de fanzines Tinta y  Sangre” (collection of fanzines)  is a book which contains the five fanzines published by Tinta y Sangre from 2018-2020. The fanzine is a tool of information utilized in Mexico City in the 80’s through 90’s, by punk anarchy and other underground movements where tattooing took place. The Tinta y Sangre fanzine comes from the necessity to share the very rich culture of Mexican tattooing to the rest of the world.  The contents within these books is a small example of the culture of Mexican tattooing. It is filled with history, stories, personalities, historic photographs and other inputs to the rich culture of Mexican tattooing, including chapters on El Güello, Rock of Ages, Dave Gibson, and more. This beautiful book is a direct reflection of the inventiveness of a guild which never stopped struggling to be accepted by Mexican society. 

Published in 2022 by Tinta y Sangre
9 x 6, hardcover, 240 pages, black and white
Hand bound in hard slipcover