Fanzine #3 (Tinta y Sangre”)

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Tinta y Sangre
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The individual fanzines, just as the book of collections of fanzines, is crafted in a 100% hand made, artisan process. This preserves the spirit of self sustainability born in the magnificent works of the 80’s. The fanzine is a tool of information utilized in Mexico City in the 80’s through 90’s, by punk anarchy and other underground movements where tattooing took place. The Tinta y Sangre fanzine comes from the necessity to share the very rich culture of Mexican tattooing to the rest of the world.  The contents within these books is a small example of the culture of Mexican tattooing. It is filled with history, stories, personalities, historic photographs and other inputs to the rich culture of Mexican tattooing. Because of the effort put into trying to reach a beautiful level of craftsmanship and quality, the result is pure authenticity presented in each book. 

Published in 2022 by Tinta y Sangre
8½ x11, softcover, 62 pages, black and white