Coveted - The Del Cook Collection

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The Collection of the Ohio Tattoo Museum
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Del Cook’s story is an interesting one: a tattoo fan and tattoo history collector when most of the history we look back on was still happening. This collection contains iconic flash, hundreds of designs, historical photos, and works from legendary names such as Coleman, Waters, Wagner, Jensen, Skuse, Mingins, Hartley, and Wicks. Included in this collection is information about Del Cook and his friendship with tattooists Al and Dale Shiefley, Huck Spaulding, and Les Skuse as well as never before seen photos of what was most likely the first “tattoo convention”, The Sandusky Tattoo Club. This book includes 600+ designs from legends like Coleman, Waters, Hartley and Wicks!

Published in 2023 by Royal Art Books
12 x 8, Hardcover 
96 pages