Suits Made to Fit: Tattoos From the NewSkool Tattoo Collective - 2nd Edition

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NewSkool; Adrian Lee, editor
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A collection of bodysuit tattoos -- tattoos that cover the entire body as one intricate piece of work -- by members of the NewSkool Tattoo Collective. Stunningly designed, it includes full-color photographs set in a ribbon-tied, presentation hard case, along with a DVD. Includes "body suit" tattoo designs by Paco Excel, Adrian Lee, Grime, Adam Barton, Giant, Wath, Ron Earhart, Matt Shamah, Phil Holt, Craig Toth, Jason Kundell and more. This second edition features new back piece designs that were originally done for the project but didn't make the original book deadline. Previously unpublished work is by Grime, Jason Kundell, Paco Excel, Tsukasa, and more. 

Published jointly by Last Gasp and NewSkool 
11½ x 9½, Hardcover 
Includes DVD