Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World DVD

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Directed by:
Emiko Omori
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In 1955, most ten-year-old boys dreamed of growing up to be firemen or jet pilots. But young Don Ed Hardy had the wild idea of becoming a tattoo artist. He saw his calling in the mystical images of pierced hearts,flaming eyeballs and bloody skulls. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, Hardy rejected a scholarship to Yale University to pursue his childhood obsession: tattoos. Today, he is revered as the godfather of modern tattooing as well as a respected painter, author and publisher. Hardy took tattoo imagery from the shadowy fringes into the bright lights of the fashion world. Ed Hardy: Tattoo the World is a trip through the phantasmagorical mind of this visionary artist, his phenomenal rise to cult icon and the evolution of his vibrant personal art. Bonus features include deleted scenes, 2000 Dragon Scroll and additional interviews.

A film by Emiko Omori, 2011 
75 min, English, Color 
DVD Region - 1