Tattoos of the Floating World: Ukiyo-E Motifs in Japanese Tattoo

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Takahiro Kitamura & Katie Mitamura
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This unique book by tattoo artist Takahiro Kitamura discusses the art of the Japanese tattoo in the context of Ukiyo-e, concentrating on the parallel histories of the woodblock print and the tattoo. Through high quality illustrations it shows that the Japanese tattoo is highly reliant on and linked to the woodblock print and that it deserves a position among the other art forms. A range of typical ukiyo-e motifs in the Japanese tattoo are discussed and illustrated by the original Japanese prints, and sketches, drawings and tattoos by tattoo master Horiyoshi III. The book ends with a special essay by Don Ed Hardy. 

Published in 2003 by KIT Publishers 
9¼ x 11, Soft cover 
140 pages