Italian Tattoo Flash

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Stizzo, Max Brain, & Silvio Pellico
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Stizzo, the proud owner of Best of Times Tattoo, presents the best work to come out of his tattoo studio in Milan, Italy, in the form of beautiful flash, and provides an intimate look into the house artists in action. At turns exotic, religious, and cryptic, but always classy, highly detailed, and distinct, their work and their legacy could spark a new generation of artists who care about tradition and aren’t afraid to push their skills to the limit. Showcased on textured paper, the vibrant, iconographic art and bold designs look just as outstanding on artificial surfaces as they would on skin. Enthusiasts and tattoo artists will appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into Stizzo, Max Brain, and Pellico’s craft, which they can catch a glimpse of–at the drawing board and in the studio–in arresting black and white and color photography.

Published in 2014 by Schiffer Publishing
11 x 8½, Hardcover 
112 pages