Neoclassical Tattoo Flash

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A new set of striking, elegant flash from Stizzo, owner of Best of Times Tattoo in Milan Italy, who continues his dedication to the tradition and craft of tattooing. Highly detailed, thoughtfully colored and shaded, Stizzo's flash is hand drawn and painted, finding its inspiration from past artists and Italy's rich artistic history. The classic symbols of skulls, roses, snakes, daggers, ships, eagles, and more are reinterpreted through a modern master's lens—while time and space morphs, these icons remain central to how we represent ourselves. Inspiration for artists as well as enthusiasts, this shows the possibility of respecting and maintaining tradition while growing and challenging yourself as an artist. Includes a section of black-and-white flash, showing how the traditional style can be carried out without color.

Published in 2022 by Schiffer Publishing
8½ x 11, Hardcover
Color, 112 pages