Pop's Extravaganza of Stencils, Volume 1

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Pops & Kathy Maguire
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Many of you may know Pops from his excellent tattoo shop and museum in North Chicago. Sadly Pop passed away December 2017. His wife Kathy completed these stencil books (Volume 1 and 2) which are a visual tour of Pop’s tattoo life. They feature stencils, tracing, stencil rubs, photographs, business cards and more from Pop himself, Pop's friends and other tattooists that inspired him, like Fred Marquand, Zeke Owens, Bill Moore, Doc Webb, Earl Brown, D.E. Hardy, Lyle Tuttle, Cap Coleman and so many more. 

Published in 2018 by Modern Tattoo Ltd.
9 x 12, Softcover
192 pages

*$20 discount when Volume 1 and 2 purchased together.