The Pioneers of British Tattooing, Volume 1

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Terry Manton
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This new book written by British tattoo historian Terry Manton will introduce you to the pioneering ladies and gentlemen who earned their living from tattooing during the late 19th and early 20th century. Not just to the well-known tattoo artists such as Sutherland Macdonald, Tom Riley, Alfred South and George Burchett, but to the lesser known pioneers of electric tattooing like George Bigmore, Charlie Bell, Bill Mansford, ,  Bob Devine and many, many more.  Learn the incredible story of Lucy Battell – one of Britain’s earliest female tattoo artists and read about the early professors of tattooing who operated in the ports of Cardiff, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Chatham, Dover, and Plymouth and in the military garrison towns of Folkestone and Aldershot. Meet the colourful tattooed ladies and gentlemen who travelled with the circus and make the acquaintance of the entrepreneurial showmen who promoted them.

Over 500 images, including rare advertisements, business cards, stencils, designs, photographs, shop fronts and tattoo machines.

Published by Terry Manton in 2023
12 x 8 ½ , Hardcover 
250 pages