Tattooing A-Z: A Guide to Successful Tattooing (2nd Edition)

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Huck Spaulding
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For years the Tattoo industry was shrouded in secrecy. Artists didn't want others in their area, which they assumed they owned because they were established. What they forgot is how they got there and that they were not born tattooists. So the big question was, where do I obtain the knowledge needed to become a tattoo artist? This insightful and straightforward book gives you the facts about tattooing. Tattooing A to Z was written to share with you what Huck learned through many years of first hand experience. Don't expect this book to make a master tattooist out of you in a few days, but what you will gain from it may have taken you years to find out. From set up and maintenance of machines to setting up your own shop, Tattooing A to Z, A Guide to Successful Tattooing is a valuable tool for anyone starting out in the business. 


Published in 2000 by Spaulding & Rogers Mfg. Inc.
10 x 7, Hardcover, 155 Pages