The Art of Ed Mironiuk

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Ed Mironiuk
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Some people hide their deepest fantasies and fetishes from a world they know will never understand them. They live lives of quiet kink and desperate bondage. Then there are types like Ed Mironiuk - loud, proud, and unmatched in his love of the bizarre and who delights in the spiky edges of what's not appropriate. And he makes a fine living at it as well! A remarkable artist, Ed's love of fetish, tattoo, piercing, and all things weird and wonderful make him a most excellent candidate for a showcase of his own! His pin-up girls have a rough and ready attitude, his latex and leather works shine with the sweat of a well-spent evening in a well-appointed dungeon, and his general design-sense is - well - Stimulating! Not for the faint of heart, but a must for the thrill-seeker who likes his (or her) stillettos pointy and their boots thigh-high. 

Published in 2009 by SQP, Inc. 
Color, 48 pages