Tom Christopher - New Work

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Thomas Christopher
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In New York City, everyone is surrounded by jackhammers, downshifting carting trucks, sirens, people yelling trying to sell them a cd or imploring them for spare change, taxis and Ubers gunning it at the lights, where mad crowds of pedestrians fill the crosswalks, all thinking about their hopes, dreams, their aspirations, fears and apprehensions. What better way to symbolize this and get the intangible point across of thought patterns swimming around than tattoo symbols? Hearts and roses, skulls and pin up gals.  Marauding Pirates for Wall St. guys. True Love in a heart for that search. Just what gets us up and keeps us moving everyday? What do we need to remind us to watch out for- a love gone sideways-Man's Ruin or a split tailed swallow with Dear John letters in their beak. Recently Tom Christopher has been experimenting with collage-style paintings and silk screens that use multiple images and layers. His appropriation of classic tattoo art symbolism, like the pin up girl and skull, is featured in the new direction exemplified in this book. 

Published in 2016 by Lift truck Project, 2016
10 x 8 
Color, 50 pages