Flash Tattoo Karroña : Authentic Mexican Style

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BM266 - S
Adrián Garcia Solache
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Cheerful, colorful and creative drawings show the skill and passion of the person who brought them to life, piece by piece. Alfredo "Karroña" Jardines is an authentic tattooist from el barrio who started his career from the bottom. working in small tattoo shops, street markets and even doing underground tattoos in peoples' homes. Over his 20 -plus years of experience, Karroña has developed a unique style and become a role model for other artists. He describes himself as "a Mexican tattooist who looks for the essence of the universal tattoo." This beautiful book of flash, photographs, and sketches, (in black and white and color) is a vital addition for both the working tattooist and the collector alike.

Spanish and English text.
Published in 2017 by Editorial Ink and Blood
8 x 11, 153 pages.